Sunday, February 13, 2005

A gathering of daisies - southern California © 2005

There are several "photo project" websites out in cyberspace (e.g., PhotoFriday, Theme Thursday, etc.). This weekend I decided to have a little photo project of my own. Thursday night the weather forecasters told us that we'd be having a storm roll through southern California dropping about an inch of rain. Well, it rained all Thursday night, all Friday, and most of Friday night. Sigh. With our plans for Saturday morning shot, I asked my 9 year old daughter if she'd like to go wandering about our yard with me shooting photographs. She did, and we both had a great time shooting (over 100 images each). To complete my "weekend photo project" I've selected 19 of the images I shot Saturday, February 12th, (starting with the previous image "A Tangled Web") to display.


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